How to run and inject hacks correctly?
  • First of all, disable all anti-virus software, Windows Defender, etc.
  • Close Steam or other game store and close game itself
  • Download hack from the account page
  • Unzip downloaded archive to USB disk or disk C:/ folder
  • Rename .exe file to absolutely random name or something like Skype.exe
  • Run .exe as Admin
  • Activate cheat using guide from your account page and press «Inject» or «Start»
  • Eject USB disk or delete all cheat-related files if you run it from disk C:/ (including archive with .exe)
  • Now you can run game, grats!

How to reduce chances of being banned?

All hacks currently selling on Hackerman are undetected. It means anticheat can't ban you.

But developers also using others methods to reveal unfair players. Try to avoid doing this things:

  • Killing too much people at the round / in the short interval
  • Shooting only in heads
  • Shooting very accurate
  • Following enemies through the walls

How to change my HWID?

HWID – is your unique computed identifier, using it developer can ban your account even if anti-cheat can not detect your software.

No one exactly know how developers calculate HWID, but you can try this methods: